Long time Not here

Sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted!  It has been a really hectic time in my life.


Sunday ~ day of rest

Today is the day of rest for most Christians. And I am taking it very easy today. I have a roast on in the crockpot on low. No veggies in yet as hubby went to get some carrots and he isn’t back yet. Oh well, they cook in the oven almost as well. They do taste like roasted potatoes and carrots.

Nothing new here. Just taking it easy and not doing much but playing on the computer. I have been looking up Automatic Bread Machine (ABM) Recipes. Found an awesome site that has a lot of them. I want them all. We do love us some home made bread.

My New Kitchen Curtains

My New Kitchen Curtains

I made these several months ago. I am still in the process of making and doing other things in here. I still need to paint the kitchen a pale yellow, and a few other things.

Hello World to my Blog

At Home with Debbie is a blog about home crafting. I am a self taught crafter. I love to read about crafts and everything to do with them. I also love learning new crafts.  Come on and join me at home.